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What are the things we do well?

Relieve Dental Anxiety

Dr. Holman’s wealth of experience and gentle, caring approach will give you confidence that you will have a great dental experience. Many of Dr. Holman's patients say their fears were relieved and they felt comfortable and relaxed during their visit. Dr. Holman’s promise is to do everything possible to help you feel comfortable, confident and provide you the highest quality dental care with lasting results.

Same-Day Crowns

We have the technology on site to make most crowns during your appointment so you can be on your way with a beautiful new crown after your appointment. We understand your time is valuable and have invested in this technology to get you on your way faster. Without this technology you usually have to get a temporary crown and come back at a later date to get the crown put on. Learn More »

Gum/Periodontal Treatment

Your oral health is important to us and it includes healthy gums as a support to your teeth. ​ ​We can examine and treat your gums for periodontal or gum disease​ ​which is key to your oral health. We use the most up to ​date procedure to treat you without "cutting or sewing​.​"

Dental Emergencies

If you are in pain we will do everything we can to see you that same day. If it is not possible to get you in the same day, we will get you in the next business day. We really care about relieving your pain and getting you back to what you love to do.