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Gum/Periodontal Treatment

For the convenience of our patients our office provides periodontal procedures. We offer an array of procedures including, but not limited to surgical implants, tissue grafts, bone grafts, crown lengthening, gingevectomy, and osseous recontouring surgeries. Please call our periodontal treatment coordinator with any questions.

Periodontal Evaluation

This evaluation, normally performed by the dental hygienist, involves the measurement of the space, or “pocket” between the tooth and gum to the level of bone that surrounds each tooth. These measurements are recorded along with the presence of any gum recession and / or mobility for each tooth.

Root planing

Root planing is the process of cleaning the area around each tooth called “periodontal pockets,” to treat and/or prevent gum disease. Root planing is used to treat moderate to advanced gum disease. When the gum is inflamed, periodontal pockets become deeper and may lose connections to the bone surrounding each tooth. The deeper the pockets, the easier it is for plaque deposits to become trapped and worsen gum disease.

Root planing involves the use of both ultrasonic scalers and hand instruments to effectively remove both tartar and plaque from periodontal pockets. Depending on the degree of difficulty, root planing may take several appointments and a local anesthesia may be used to prevent discomfort.
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