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Mini Dental Implants

Dental implants are teeth restoration for people who are missing teeth as a result of injury, periodontal disease or any other reason. Metal posts are surgically positioned into the jaw. After the bone surrounding the posts has healed, then replacement teeth are attached to the posts. While implants are typically more expensive than other methods of teeth replacement, they provide superior benefits. Implants are stronger than natural teeth and generally last 10-20 years. They are also a more favorable approach than bridgework since they do not depend on neighboring teeth for support. We use our experience, training and available technologies to create beautiful smiles that function comfortably and properly.

We feel that it is important for you to always feel as good as you look. So when we place a dental implant, you can be sure it will feel great, function properly and look terrific. Whether it is a simple, minimally invasive treatment such as veneers or a very complex procedure like a full mouth reconstruction, we are the right choice for you. Give us a call to schedule an appointment or for more information about our services click here.

Reasons to consider implants:

  • You can eat anything with implants.
  • They won't decay.
  • They can give you a "younger appearance" and prevent the overclosed, "older" look.
  • You can sing, talk, smile, yell and yawn.
  • You can smile with confidence giving you a better self esteem.
  • Implants can last a lifetime!
  • With implant supported dentures, we can usually reduce the size of the denture and uncover the palate!
  • Implants can give you an improved "quality of life"

Benefits of implants:

  • Secure dentures
  • Secure partials
  • They don’t damage other teeth
  • They maintain jaw bone height and width
  • They maintain your facial features preventing overclosure of the jaw which can lead to an older appearance.
  • On average denture patients with implants for support, are on 38% fewer medications due to better denture stability, better chewing function and better digestion.